Hatteras Post Cap Images

Hatteras is the most economical line of post caps.  There are 3 styles to choose from in the 4X4 size:  Castine, Flat-Top and Pyramid.  Only Castine is available in 6X6, but with two options: solid or with a hole to allow for finials.  All Hatteras post caps are made from western red cedar.



Hatteras Castine.  Available sizes: 4X4, 6X6 with hole, and  6X6 with no hole.



Hatteras Flat Top.  Available size: 4X4.



Hatteras Pyramid.  Available size:  4X4.


4X4 post caps have an inside opening of 3-5/8" X 3-5/8".

6X6 post caps have an inside opening of 5-5/8" X 5-5/8".


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