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Cedar Specialties

Pyramid Specialty Size Post Cap

Pyramid Specialty Size Post Cap

The Pyramid specialty size post caps are available in sizes from 4X4 to 8X8. They are made in the USA from solid cedar. There are options to fit nominal size and full-size posts.

Available in the following sizes:

Nominal 4X43-5/8" or 3-7/8" opening.

Full-Sawn 4X4: 4-1/4" opening.

Nominal 5X5: 4-5/8" or 4-7/8" opening.

Full-Sawn 5X5: 5-1/4" opening.

Nominal 6X65-5/8" or 5-7/8" opening.

Full-Sawn 6X66-1/4" opening.

Nominal 7X76-5/8" opening.

Full-Sawn 7X77-1/4" opening.

Nominal 8X87-5/8" opening.

Full-Sawn 8X88-1/4" opening.

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